Biostimulants foster growth throughout the plant’s life cycle, from germination to maturity – the way that Nature intended.

The benefits of Biocast

Improves plant robustness and vigour
  • Greater resistance to weather variability (improving the plant’s stress tolerance of heat and cold)
  • Aids rapid establishment of new roots, including the all important feeder roots.
  • Supports the plant’s own immune system
All natural
  • All compounds are present in plant-available forms
  • Promotes balance in the plant and its growing environment
  • Maintains the plant’s epigenetic integrity
Boosts productivity
  • Improved yield, enhanced flowering rates
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Plants produce higher quality, more full and nutrient-dense leaves, fruits and seeds
  • Rapid seedling establishment
Packed with living microbes
  • Competition for pests and diseases, both on the leaf surface and in the root zone
  • Increased nutrient availability and uptake
  • Help to maintain favourable soil moisture conditions
  • Reduced susceptibility to frosts
  • Buffers pH
Easy to apply
  • Can be used with existing watering equipment
  • A convenient way of applying biology to the whole plant
  • Flexible application: foliar, soil, transplant drench or seed inoculate (see Applications)
  • Odourless
Environmentally friendly
  • Made from products diverted from the waste stream, upcycled by worms
  • Will not harm beneficial insects, frogs, waterways, sea life, or cause algal blooms
  • Safe to use on native plants and pastures – will not damage off target species.
  • Non-toxic, no withholding period

These are some of the benefits that Biocast users have experienced. For best results, use in conjunction with other microbe-friendly, regenerative practices.

Adding Biocast is like giving your plant a dose of Nature.


The more modified the growing environment, the more likely you are to see results straight away. What our customers have found, is that benefits in more natural settings will be witnessed over time, and be most obvious when the plant is facing tough conditions, such as hot, dry weather.

Product information

Go here for information on:

  • What is Biocast
  • Part A and part B explained
  • How Biocast is made
  • Quality assurance


Go here for information on:

  • Foliar (leaf) application
  • Soil application
  • Transplant drenches
  • Seed inoculation

Biocast+ grower stories

Grower stories: Jason’s pasture

Grower stories: Jason’s pasture

Jason Simmons of The Overseer Saddlery at Armidale, NSW, is one of our Biocast stockists. He runs cattle on his 500 acre property, and has been using Biocast since 2017. He predominantly uses it as a seed dressing, and once a year as a foliar spray. Jason has as very...

Grower stories: Del’s backyard

Delwyn Thomas. Horticulturist, Floriculturist and design Florist, author of 'What Cut Flower is That'. "Almost three years ago in late spring, Lee offered to spray my garden with Biocast+. Within a few days I was fascinated to notice there was no powdery mildew on the...