Other services offered by Island Biologicals

Additional to our products, we also offer worm farm tours, workshops and presentations, and consulting services. See below for more details on each. Contact us for enquiries and bookings.


Vermiculture and composting consulting for your set up are available both on site and off site. We specialise in helping to establish on-farm and commercial sized vermiculture operations. We can also help with anything from home worm farms to trouble shooting for industry, and composting for waste upcycling.

If you are interested in private consulting to set up a vermicompost operation, please contact Lee to arrange a free initial discovery call to see if this is right for you. If you decide to proceed, you can book a 2 hour session with Lee which will workshop your unique situation and requirements, and cover everything you need to know to set up your worm farm. From here, you have the option to retain our services for anything from quick troubleshooting advice, to on-site consulting (travel distance permitting).

Worm farm tours

Come and see how a commercial, raised bed worm farm works! Lee takes visitors through the process, starting with composting, to looking after worms, to harvesting fully finished cast.  Group tours are run on demand, by appointment only. 


You’ve all heard of beneficial microbes, but why do you need them for your plants? Who are they, and what do they do? How can practices like vermiculture and composting play into increasing these beneficial microbes? Lee discusses these points and more in engaging talks available to groups on request.


 We can run hands on group workshops at your site on composting and vermiculture, and on an introduction to soils and microbes for optimal plant growth. We have experience delivering these to Landcare groups, permaculture groups, and school groups (both primary and secondary).