Biocast applications:



The diverse array of microbes Biocast contains will bolster your plants and your soil. It is fungally dominant, which is important for repairing damaged soil ecosystems and supporting diverse pastures. The microbes and their byproducts which are present in Biocast unlock minerals and nutrients, allowing the plant to feed itself what it needs. This kind of unforced growth leads to healthy, nutrient-dense plants with their own strong immune system to fend off pests and diseases. As an added bonus, adding Biocast to the leaf surface provides microbial competition to diseases. A common observation by Biocast users on their paddocks is that the leaves appear greener. This is thanks to the overall plant health and the fulvic acid in Biocast shuttling nutrients through cell walls. It equates to greater photosynthesis, meaning that there is greater energy in the plant to carry out its functions, including seed production and soil building.

    Signs your pasture or crop could benefit from the addition of microbes:

    • Soil tests reveal high total nutrient (e.g. phosphorus) and low available nutrient
    • Plants are showing signs of deficiency in a mineral, despite it having being added
    • Plants have a low brix level while photosynthesising
    • Leaf litter sits on the ground for a long time and greys, it doesn’t decompose
    • Plants are afflicted by diseases and insect pests
    • Yield has decreased over time, despite managing it the same or even increasing inputs
    • Absence of earth worms
    • Plants wilt easily
    • Plant roots come out clean rather than covered in ‘dredlocks’ (a film of soil, pictured right)

    Suggested uses:

    Foliar spray


    • Crop and pasture production becomes less susceptable to dry spells
    • Reduced pest pressure, giving higher yeild
    • Facilitates balanced plant nutrition, which flows on to better nutrition for grazing animals

    What is it good for

    • All pasture and cropping

    How to apply

    • Can be used with existing irrigation systems
    • Dilute as needed to apply at 5 L per hectare
    • Apply during the growing season for best effect

    Seed inoculation


    • A very efficient way of adding microbes to your soil
    • Sends seeds out with microbes directly in the root zone – see microbial ‘dredlocks’ on the first roots
    • Promotes rapid seed establishment

    What is it good for

    • Any seed being added to pastures or as a crop

    How to apply

    • Be sure to start with uncoated seed
    • Mix Part A and Part B 50:1 but do not dilute with water
    • Can be applied from as low as 5 L per tonne if you are able to mix thoroughly
    • Seeds don’t need to be soaked, just coated

    For detailed information on using Biocast as a seed inoculate, see this post


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    “No reasonable person can expect our soil systems to be managed another 50 years as they have been managed for the last 50 years – not when deserts expand, subsoil replaces topsoil, aquifers go dry, oceans become polluted, the air poisons our cells, and produce from the land becomes empty of nutrition.”

    – Charles Walters, Minerals for the Genetic Code