Photo credit: Aus Eco Solutions

Kerrie Guppy has been an enthusiastic proponent of Biocast for years. Kirsty had a chat with her about how she and her team use it for tree planting.

Kerrie and her husband Kristian own Aus Eco Solutions, offering “environmentally focused services in conservation and land management projects”, with a goal of restoring native ecosystems.

Their introduction to Biocast was when they ran a landscaping yard in Wingham, and added it as a soil amendment to their premium garden soil product. They then started using it on tree planting projects for native revegetation with Aus Eco Solutions, a practice they have done now consistently for six years or so.

Kerrie says they use Biocast to soak the root ball of seedlings prior to planting. They use the method we outline in this post: Inoculating Seedlings with Biocast.

She says that in 2023 they planted 27 000 trees, all with Biocast, and they have done “amazingly well”. She says too that it is ultimately a combination of factors that works for them, including a fair season, and there’s no one thing alone that does it. 

On the whole, she reports that Biocast “appears to give plants that extra assistance when they are getting going”, and that they are “very healthy plants”.

Kerrie says “it’s become part of our normal revegetation processes to use Biocast, and we always recommend it to others.”

Thank you Kerrie, and all the best for this year’s planting efforts!

Aus Eco Solutions tree planting site for Koalas in Care

An Aus Eco Solutions tree planting for a koala conservation site, where Biocast was used. Photo credit: Koalas in Care Inc.

Getting ready for tree planting. Photo credit: Aus Eco Solutions

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