Peter Bisoglio. Former owner and grower at Forest Glen Roses, Glenorie.

“As a former nurseryman and cut flower grower I am quite passionate about and spend considerable time planting , maintaining, tending and extending my garden, I grow a range of vegetable crops to share with my extended family and cultivate a range of special house plants for display in and around our home.

“Lee gave me a 5 litle bottle of Biocast+ back in March this year and I decided to trial in on my orchids and house plants. The results are nothing short of remarkable. The Phalaenopsis orchid leaves doubled in size and became a rich healthy green colour, even through the winter months. The sprays of flower buds are branched and almost triple the size and in number of buds, They are currently bringing great joy to my wife and I as they are displayed in our home.

“Biocast+ is odour free, easy to mix and apply, safe and very economical in use, I believe that there is an extensive range of applications available for improved plant growth and increased flower quality, across all sectors of the nursery and garden industry.”