Biocast bottles 5 L and 25 L

Biocast bottles have had a makeover, with a brand new, beautiful design for our labels. Check it out!

    • Original artwork of the plants by Carolyn Brooks
    • Mushroom, microbes and layout by our very own Kirsty Hughes
    • Colour, label layout and design consultation by Ashley Evans

Something we love is that when we asked her to represent diversity, Carolyn has intuitively included plants from the four functional groups now believed to be key in working together to create cropland and pasture productivity (grasses, legumes, tall herbs and small herbs; as described in the JENA Experiment). This is before we knew that functional groups were a thing! Dr Christine Jones talks about the four functional groups in this webinar, which we highly recommend. 

Biocast label 2021

Biocast isn’t just for grassland plant types though. We haven’t met a plant that doesn’t like it! For a product like this, it’s not so much about the type of plant as it is about the condition of that plant and its surroundings. Where the plant is stressed, where it’s microbiome is damaged, or conditions are generally sub-optimal we will tend to see a bigger and more rapid plant response to Biocast than in a healthy plant. Nevertheless, for ideas on applying Biocast in different settings, check out these pages:

The new design was triggered by a slight change in our name: we ditched the ‘+’ from ‘Biocast+’ in the interests of making things simpler… and being able to get a trademark (the Australian military owns the + in red, of course!). The product actually started life as Biocast, then when Lee developed Part B he added the plus [actually, we lie. First it was ‘Worm wee’, but a) we didn’t like it and b) it isn’t wee]. Now we include Part B as standard because it gets such great results. Where Part A is the vermicast extract, full of beneficial microbes in a dormant state, and their products (such as enzymes, growth stimulating hormones, and autoinducers); Part B is a food for the microbes. It acts as a catalyst to get them into a state of activity and proliferation when you are ready to add it to your plants. A tiny yet powerful workforce to help your plants and soil function as Nature intended.

Biocast dressed in its pretty new label is available through our online shop on this website in 5L or 25L bottles; or you can get a larger custom amount by contacting us directly. Please feel free to contact us too with any questions about the best application of Biocast in your setting.